9 July 2016: Crawling genomic datasets with node.js Hackday

Repositive sponsors Bionode and DNAdigest Hackday...

Crawling genomic datasets with node.js

July 9th 2016 | 9:30am - 5:30pm | Google Campus London

From the volunteers and organisers of bionode.io and DNAdigest and with the support from Campus London comes a new hackday!

Genomic data access is difficult and time consuming, a real hurdle for advances in cancer and genetic diseases research. Our ambition is to build tools, which integrate with modern web apps and web technologies, and provide a smooth data access workflow to power the research hypothesis-testing and to maximise the research impact.

The plan for the day is simple – use node.js and bionode modules to fetch genomic datasets description from known data repositories across the world. We’ll start by looking at existent bionode modules (e.g., bionode-ncbi), understanding their architecture, how we use node.js streams, how the modules interact with other bionode components, etc.

For more details and to register visite the Eventbrite page.

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