Repositive contributes to ELIXIR-UK & Bioschemas

From November 7th to 9th, the Repositive team attended the ELIXIR-UK meeting and the Bioschemas hackathon. Both meetings where hosted at BBSRC-funded institute Rothampsted Research. Both meetings are important for Repositive's values as they represent in very significant ways how we see ourselves aligned with UK-based bioinformatics platforms (ELIXIR-UK) and standards for description of human genome datasets (Bioschemas).

ELIXIR-UK brings together a community of bioinformatics service providers across the country and Bioschemas is to come up with a standard specification with which to describe biomedical datasets. Repositive is able to contribute a rich human genomics-focused perspective, very valuable for finding human genomics datasets.

Some of the most important outcomes of Repositive attendance to the ELIXIR-UK & Bioschemas events involve:

  1. Repositive's commitment to join the Data Carpentry initiative, supported by ELIXIR-UK, which promotes best practices in data sharing and data representation. Manny Corpas is expected to join one of its "train the trainer" courses, and is committed to Data Carpentry principles, disseminating them via the numerous workshops Repositive offers.

  2. As part of Repositive is to work closely with other dataset-discovery initiatives (e.g., DataMed & OmicsDI) to agree on an open standard for description of human genome datasets.

Repositive's experience of scraping metadata from datasets in public repositories will be pivotal to Bioschemas' specification. Once this specification is adopted, search engines like Google will be able to find relevant dataset descriptions more effectively within Repositive web pages.

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