Our mission

We want to accelerate cancer drug development and enable faster delivery of effective treatments to cancer patients.

A profile picture of Repositive founder Fiona Nielsen

Creating a future of better treatments

Our journey began when our founder’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Fiona Nielsen, a bioinformatics scientist, realised that the existing cancer treatment is being held up by a lack of access to genomic data. Repositive was born as a solution to the 95% failure rate of oncology drug discovery.

We are changing the complex drug discovery landscape

Oncology drug discovery has a 95% failure rate in translation from preclinical trials. We analyse and label human genomic data to accelerate the complex cancer drug discovery process. Our mission is to enable faster and more targeted treatment of life threatening diseases.


We are founded on strong principles

Our business is based on the concept of a social enterprise. We have a clear vision of how to make a difference in the world. We measure our performance by the impact we have on our employees, customers, suppliers, community and environment, as well as our shareholders. And we’re guided by a mission and set of values we can all believe in.

  • Collaborative
  • Dedicated
  • Human-centred
  • Supportive
  • Ethical
A profile picture of Catherine McDermott, Repositive CEO

Catherine McDermott

CEO of Repositive

Catherine has a master’s degree in engineering and an MBA in supply chain, with a strong commercial background in healthcare and pharma strategy and scaling efficient operations. Having previously worked across a wide range of organisations in various leadership positions, including Chief Digital Officer at McKesson and Operations Director at Circle Health, Catherine has extensive experience in successfully designing and delivering world class business change programmes and facilitating customer-focused improvements.

Catherine’s vision for Repositive is to build the leading service provider for biopharma researchers looking to rapidly source rare or complex preclinical models from reliable CRO partners. By focusing on our Cancer Model Scout service and continuing to expand our network of CRO partners, Catherine is optimising our offering for the biopharma community, with the ultimate mission of accelerating cancer drug development and enabling faster delivery of effective treatments to cancer patients.

What makes us different?

Drug development is a nuanced and complex process. It requires scientific mind to move it forward. We are the scientists supporting scientists. We do that by providing you with a one stop shop to identify preclinical cancer models. As a result, we close the gap between small and big CROs, showing the full landscape of what is actually out there.

  • A bespoke, human-centric and independent approach to finding cancer models - we are impartial in terms of your CRO choice

  • We level the playing field for small and big CROs - our recommendations are based on scientific merit

  • We deliver a comprehensive report with as many as 40 models matching your requirements in under a month

  • We are a dedicated team of scientists, supported by the latest technology

Repositive founder Fiona Nielsen accepting the Digital Health Champion 2018 award on stage

International recognition

We have been crowned as the Digital Health Champion 2018 by the European Super Angels Club (ESAC).

  • Fastest model search service on the market

    We deliver validated models in under a month. This process usually takes 3-12 months using alternative methods.

  • As many as 40 model matches per request

    You get more models than ever with our bespoke search among a global network of over 100 CROs.

  • Dedicated bioinformatics support

    Every report comes with a detailed bioinformatics report to explain why the results are the best match for your requirements.

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Backed by

  • Ananda Impact Ventures
  • Meltwind Investments
  • Other leading healthcare angels
Logo of Ananda, one of Repositive’s investors

Ananda is the leading European venture capital investor focused on scaling impact-driven for-profit enterprises.

Meltwind is an early stage life science and healthcare investor led by Dr Jonathan Milner – founder of Abcam plc.

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